A Housing Solution for a Multitude of Needs

Whatever your need or location, OTB provides a flexible alternative to other housing options. Without sacrificing quality, OTB can address your needs at a fraction of the cost of legacy housing products.

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High End OTB Trailers: Repurposed With Purpose

The housing application alternatives are as numerous as the multitude of homes available in inventory. With quality and affordability combined OTB is the answer your housing needs.

First Time Homeowners

Affordability for first-time homebuyers can be a daunting issue. Are you looking for a solution?

Mobile Home Parks

Mobile park home owners have raved about OTB trailers. Energy efficient with high-quality finishes, and easily transportable homes make OTB trailers a unique mobile home solution. Provides more robust build than traditional Mobile homes and larger cap rates for long term solution.

Recreational Use

An ideal application for your lake or mountain retreat. Great application to use in RV parks instead of park model homes. More insulation, robust build and greater space.

Emergency Use

Government entities requiring temporary or permanent housing for emergency relief (floods, fires, refugees etc).

Farm / Ranch / Hunting Lands

Why would you build from scratch, when you can have a turnkey solution for as low as $19/square foot. Easy set up and have people in it, in less than a day.

Industrial Applications

Hotels, camps and rentals becoming too expensive to house your workers on long term projects? Now is the chance to make investment that will pay dividends for years to come. Opportunities in using vacant camp solutions for other industrial applications at a much lower build cost.

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