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Our Advantage

OTB Housing provides unique accommodation alternatives to the standard housing market. The low oil prices of 2015 has created an abundance of unused rig site housing units that OTB has exclusive access to.

Thousands of units available

With international commodity prices dropping dramatically worldwide, a large surplus of housing used in these industries has become available. OTB has tapped into this surplus to benefit its customers

Transport your home - anywhere

OTB Housing has tapped into this excess supply of remote housing to offer a very appealing alternative to affordable housing with a multitude of uses.

The OTB Concept

Our relocatable housing units are built on large steel skids which make them easily moveable with a winch truck and trailer.  Most houses contain approximately 900 square feet of living space with a variety of floor plans to choose from. The majority of our houses use propane for heating and cooking, with tanks included and attached to the skid. This produces a lower electrical demand, making our units ideal for remote areas. Onboard fresh water tanks are available on certain models. All units can be connected directly to local utilities.

A Turnkey Solution for Many Needs

Get a Home For Nearly Any Use
in Any Location

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  • Recreational property
  • Extra housing for farm and ranch personnel or guests
  • Inexpensive low income housing
  • Emergency housing for floods, forest fires, tornadoes etc.
  • Mobile home parks
  • Social rehabilitation centers
  • Small footprint housing
  • Business office
  • Hunting and fishing lodges
  • Off-the-grid housing

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